Friday, July 31, 2009

CLICK HERE to hear Bill Sing to BRADY

Click ABOVE TITLE to hear Bill Sing to BRADY!


I am TRYING to get this to work.
It is a work in progress.

I changed another setting and it said it will take a while for the changes to go through
I have to use a third party site to hold the music then link it to the BLOG
the third party is a FREE I am at their mercy

I had the setting set in PRIVATE so that is why I could hear it but not you.

Let me know when you hear it!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have been struggling with painting my GRAND DAUGHTER ARIANA.
But I think I finally have it!

I was just waiting for the RIGHT POSE!

Like Father Like Son

Baby Bennett

Baby Eric


Silly Goats


Especially mine...Look at them...the Life of Leisure

Can't Keep a GOOD MOM Down

Both BOYS were very good for GmaBonnie for over 6 hours!

Well, yesterday didn't go quite a planned.

I drove to Baltimore to babysit the BOYS while Eric and Lisa Marie went to their settlement on the NEW HOUSE.

Well, the SETTLEMENT went fine, they BOUGHT the HOUSE but NOT WITHOUT a HUGE SNAFU!!

The SELLER'S Real Estate Guy...some BIG SHOT in Baltimore...forgot to file papers requesting that they allow HIS CLIENT to stay in the house until SEPTEMBER 8!!!!


Lisa has just spent ALL THAT TIME packing...and HELPING ERIC load the TRUCK!

Boy was she MAD!!!

But, both Eric and Lisa took a VERY ADVANTAGE way OUT!
They opted for MONEY!!!!

Yes, it was discouraging that they had to UNLOAD the truck and then UNLOAD some of the boxes so they can live in the BALTIMORE HOUSE for another month...

But as you can see in the PIXS BELOW...


Sunday, July 26, 2009


It is just a LITTLE STORM passing through on its way over the BAY!


Can you see the wind in the background?

MOM, Do you Recognize Anyone Here?

Bill laughed when he saw the NEW members of our family.
He said SOMEONE has to START paying rent!

I had just brought home some AMISH DOLLS that my MOM painted for my Aunt some years back.

When I was staying with my Aunt last weekend, she asked if I would like to have them since my Mom had done them.

I said. "SURE"!

Now they sit next to LITTLE SEBASTIAN and CONGO BONGO!

Bill brought LITTLE SEBASTIAN back from Puerto Rico for me and CONGO BONGO is a PRIZED Family Heirloom that belonged to my GRANDMOTHER.

They all sit in my ART GALLERY....HAHAHAHA!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Very Ambitious For ME!

Well, after FIVE YEARS after moving to the SWAMP, I finally put up curtains in my bedroom.

GAIL should be VERY PROUD of me!

Like I told Gail, I have all the STUFF...but all that STUFF doesn't mean that much to me. BUT, Today, I dragged it all out and put in SOMEWHAT together.

You see, all that STUFF to me are just DUST COLLECTORS...PLUS all that STUFF really isn't comfortable to me...I just need my PILLOW and my FLEECE Blanket.

I created a bedroom with just the STUFF I had stored!
No running out to WALMART to get ANYTHING!

Over my dresser, I hung Bill's Grandmother's Butterfly Quilt.
On top of the dresser, I used a HANDMADE CROCHET table cloth.
I re-painted the MIRROR and CRACKLED it!

I guess since MOST of YOU had NEVER seen how SPARTAN the room was before, this might not seem like a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT to you...BUT IT IS!

I started at 6:00am...vacuuming and cleaning WHITE RUGS because the DAMN CAT puked on it AGAIN! I just never stopped. Hosed down the front porch, met with the UP-GRADE Septic System GUY, cleaned Bathroom and Cleaned out the Storage Closet!

I sat down and ate a package of CHEESE CRACKERS and drank a FLAT Pepsi around 4:00pm... I am BUSHED!

P.S. The Septic Guy wants to upgrade the TANK the same week Bill is out of town for a WEEK! How does BILL do it? Someday, remind me to tell you HOW he is ALSO Out-of-Town when we have a BIG SNOW STORM!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Old Story Becomes Real

Old Story Becomes Real for ME!

I remember a story that GmaWhitehair..aka..Grandma Tarr told me once she watched it she stood on one side of Route 40 in Hopwood and watched it rain at BOBO's house and NOT rain where she stood!

Well, I finally saw that happen too!
I stood on my front porch this morning and watched it rain on my mailbox across the street!

While all of you have been getting SOME RAIN...we have had NOT A DROP while I was away from home.

I was soooooo sad to see my flowers all wilted and dry when I pulled into the driveway. That was the FIRST thing I did after putting groceries away...WATER MY FLOWERS.

I am not sure I saved some of them.

But OF COURSE, you know what happened last night...IT RAINED ALL NIGHT!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wanna See Where Bill Lives?

This is Bill's Pride and Joy...The ANDIAMO!
It is ALSO where Bill lives during the week!
Doesn't HE have a GREAT LIFE?

Finally Made It Home!

I am HOME!
I guess the saying is TRUE..."There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME"
I promised you some pictures of my EXCURSION

Colby, Me, Bennett, Eric and Brady!

BIG rain storm we drove through!

Mushroom Head
Colby keeping himself entertained on the ride to Uniontown!

Kaleigh and her B'DAY Cake, Chuck and Riley!

I don't know what KRISTOPHER was doing
probably taking a NAP!

Baby RILEY is a BIG BOY!

Kaleigh riding her NEW TURTLE!

Colby being Colby!

Ariana and Mommy taking a NAP!

I had a GOOD time, But I am GLAD to be HOME!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where Have I Been for Almost A Week???

The three COUSINS
Brady, Bennett and Ariana

Well, Colby and I left the Swamp on Thursday past and drove to Baltimore to visit the BOYS! We spent the night and got back in the car and started our TREK to Uniontown.

I rained like hard, that it got DARK outside.

I started to get what I call, TUNNEL VISION from driving and COLBY is use to me pulling over and taking a NAP. We pulled over at the CUT IN HALF MOUNTAIN and I told him to wake me in 20 minutes! He pulls out his DVD players watches and movies and then wakes me.

COLBY is a GREAT KID to travel with!

I spent the weekend in PA. My brother and his son came up from Florida so my sister had a PICNIC/Birthday Party for Kaleigh [her grand-daughter].

EVERYONE in PA is doing well and all look HAPPY!
Baby Riley is a BIG BOY now. He is 1 week older than BRADY.

THANX to Aunt Jill for letting me CRASH at her house.

Monday morning I was OFF!
Put on my headset and started up the MP3 player and listened to MICHENER's The Drifter's...a very good book.

I rolled into G'Burg around 11 and hooked up with Gail at IHOP.
We made our rounds at our FAVORITE stores and then I headed up to Lisa's to see ARIANA. She is still a JELLYBEAN!

That afternoon, she met up with her COUSINS Brady and Bennett to play in the PARK!
They had a GREAT time playing.

I am spending all day Tuesday with ARIANA and LISA and tomorrow morning, I am OFF AGAIN, headed for the SWAMP!

I have pictures to show you, but will wait until I get home to load them!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Tuesday was the PERFECT BEACH DAY.
We drove to Rehoboth and got on the beach by 11:00am
Colby swam and rode the waves while I sat and read my book.
We ate FRENCH FRIES and Colby and Carol had SNOW CONES.
We met up with Carol and Nancy.
We looked for Nancy all day, she was at the beach before us and we couldn't find her.

She was sitting under an umbrella RIGHT BEHIND US the WHOLE TIME!
She didn't see us either!

We ate a PIZZA at NICOBOLI's and walked the BOARDWALK.
Carol bought a ROUND of ICE CREAM from COLDSTONE....VERY RICH!

COLBY rode some rides and around 8:00pm we headed HOME!

Colby's Sunsets

Colby took these pixs of the SUNSET last night on our drive home from REHOBOTH BEACH!

We were ALMOST to Route 50.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colby and his SWAMP SWAN

Colby and Bill went out on the SWAMP SWAN today.
They first went out in the HEAT OF THE DAY...
It was HOT HOT HOT but they still had a good time.

After s ROAD TRIP to Hooper's Island, they jumped back on while the sun was going down.

Hooper's Island

We drove over to Hooper's Island to HELP Robin unload her furniture.
Colby helped.

Colby took a few REALLY GOOD pictures of the CHESAPEAKE BAY!

Just Another Art Project

Now, you know, I CAN NOT have a BLANK WALL just staring at me while I sit on my BRAND NEW DECK!

So, I started ANOTHER ART PROJECT to create an INTERESTING WALL instead of a blank one.

See all that BLANK SPACE?
Do you GOT ANYTHING to hang up there?

Gail and I found some REAL BARGAINS at the END OF THE SEASON SALE at JoAnn Fabrics.

I bought that BIG METAL SUN to the LEFT of the Window along with the METAL SHELF hanging under it! To the RIGHT of the window, that little SUN HANGER and the METAL POT HOLDER hanging under it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

All I Asked Was...

All I asked them to do was to DIG OUT that DECK UMBRELLA for Aunt Kathy.
Yes, I knew it was hidden WAY BACK in the shed.

But they GOT ON A ROLL!

They changed the RUSTY BROKEN HINGES on the gate with BRAND NEW SHINY ONES!

They EVEN CLEANED and BUILT shelves in the SHED!

Bill DRILLS some SENSE into COLBY!


Here they are playing with Bill's SHILLELAGH

Bill didn't even know he had a SHILLELAGH till I told him!

Colby puts an OLD Wheelbarrow out of it MISERY


and AGAIN!

And they DID, get the UMBRELLA OUT!