Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Dogs Life

In the Swamp.
The dogs and I have a great life. Move over Buddy!!


Bill just said
" I sure wish COLBY was here today!"

He has been working on the boat installing a new Depth Finder and relocating the GPS.


Luckily this year the bait is already cut up!!

Also I cut the grass. We have a lot of BUTTERCUPS throughout the yard. I thought the goats would just eat it up.

But I guess not when all the neighbors feed them fresh cabbage leaves, potato and banana skins, strawberry tops and stale bread.

In the morning I wake up to plastic bags of fresh goat scraps thrown in the driveway for them.


Beautiful Salad

Bill made me a beautiful salad tonight for dinner.

Pineapple, buffalo chicken, cashews and ranch dressing.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


NOT a Happy Dog

But he will survive.
Sparky was panting all day yesterday, so today he got a haircut.

You will notice the reason my DOGGIE HAIRCUT business went flop, and YES, Sparky is very embarrassed but he has to learn to stand still.

I have a bagful of Sparky hair and when I turned my back, the my BIRD HERD were already in it.

A Day of Firsts

Saw my FIRST Humming Bird of the Season.

My FIRST shedding crab in the creek.

AND my first Wild Asparagus. It was "DELICIOUS" as Benny Max would say.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunset on the Marsh

First Snowcone of the Season

Vanilla and Strawberry Banana.

Brother & Sister

Baby Ali and Ariana

Better Get Better

So, I hope this is NOT how my day is going to go.

Yes, I did have a chip in my windshield from a passing truck but that was YEARS AGO.

Can you see it going across and down?? Oh yeah!!

Now what to do??

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pixs of Easter Past


I think this was HALLOWEEN
but PAT was the EASTER BUNNY
so I threw it in here!


Baby Ali is 3 months old.

Easter Breakfast

All of the churches down here got together and a handful of us cooked them EASTER BREAKFAST.

I KNOW that I cooked 10 lbs if bacon. Becky cooked I don't know how many more lbs.

Ronnie make pancakes.
Robin did scrapple.
Susan did eggs and egg casseroles. (30 dozen)
Paula did sausage.
Biscuits were pre-made.
Little powdered donuts and MY FAVORITE little cocoanut donuts, And juice and coffee for everyone.

Over 50 people (I heard) showed up!!

Thanks to the LIL GENERAL (Susan) for getting it all together.

See you next year????

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another project

Now it is SIGNS!!


Bill has been complaining about his hands hurting.
All I can tell him is to take some pain relievers.
she she says no.
So how can I sympathy for him??

This morning we went down to a CHURCH LADY's
House so I can set her hair for Easter Sunday.
Her husband is a Preacher.

Since they are elderly I mentioned that Bill is starting
To feel his age. Bill got his feelings hurt when I told them
He must like to be in pain. It was a joke.

I told him I was sorry but he said I didn't sound sincere.
The CHURCH LADY, wife of a PREACHER says to me
"you HAVE to are SO SORRY"!!!


The look on her face and the NOT-SO-SINCERE tone in her voice
Was so PRECIOUS!!!

Bill and I laughed all the way home.
Go gotta love these OLD PEOPLE!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Favorite Drink

Bill brought back a new drink on his trip to Puerto Rico.

Diet Pepsi (or any soda/pop), vanilla coffee creamer on ice.

Tastes just like an ice cream soda.

I used fat free creamer and my Diet Pepsi. What a sweet treat with hardly no calories.

Bill is Home

Bill is finally home for at least for a week.

The weather is nasty cold and windy. So we took a ride. Ended up at Goode Creek to take this picture.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

WHY is Eric Running Hurdles?

OH, Thats not Eric
How much can two cousins
look alike?

This is my Nephew Lucas.
This picture was on the front page
of the Uniontown, PA Sports Page yesterday

Look What I Found

Look what I found in the hay and straw shed.

Just one black little boy kitten.

That's all I need.

My Basket and Hat

I have a white plastic basket I take outside with me all of the time. It has all my important STUFF.

My phone, PEPSI, book, spy glass and my ITOUCH.

What else do I need??

Bill bought me a new hat earlier this year and I have been making a GREAT EFFORT to always wear it when I am outside.

So far, so good.