Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still Cold & Windy

I took these pixs this morning.
Well, we did really good.
No water in the house.
Never lost electricity, TV or Internet.
As far as we know we only lost the well house and that one flower pot.
A lot of people lost so much more. A friend in Toddville has 4 inches of water in her house. They haven't even tried to get into Ms. Elaine's house, they couldn't get past Tom Jones Store. I just saw George L drive past toward Crocheron but I can't believe they had it so lucky as us.
I will hear more as people start moving around.
Oh, the crab house where Ms. Dora worked lost its roof. Zach has tried do hard to keep it going, I hope he survives all this. Have not heard about any boats and I don't want too.
Keep in touch.

Oh yeah, now we have to deal with all the water from up north running into the bay.

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